virtual reality

for seniors

Therapeutic, recreational and quality-of-life benefits of VR technology and aging adults.

What happens when seniors experience Virtual Reality?

What happens when seniors experience Virtual Reality?

therapeutic stimulation

fully immersive relaxation

heightened physical Mobility

The benefits of Virtual Reality for seniors

benefits of vr for seniors
Virtual Reality for seniors introduces low-impact, physical and cognitive stimulation. Aging adults living with dementia, depression and isolation who experience Virtual Reality show immediate joy and long-term emotional and mental health benefits. It’s hard to feel alone when you’re transported into a cozy room filled with happy puppies, after all.
Physical simulations encourage natural body movement for players of any age or mobility level. Whether paddling through the rapids or wandering aimlessly through a rain forest – players are encouraged to move about their simulated environment whether they’re standing, sitting or resting in bed.
vr for senior mobility

Virtual Reality content for seniors​

Virtual Reality for seniors doesn’t have to mean chaotic light sabre battles or fighting zombies for survival. Although, for the adventurous and the young at heart – it often does!

Experiencing Virtual Reality can mean revisiting your first home hundreds of miles away, or escaping to your honeymoon spot for just a moment in time.

Checking off bucket list items from the comfort of your community becomes a reality when you can slip into a VR headset and interact with and explore inside the great pyramids of Egypt or set foot on any beach resort on earth.

Location based VR options for seniors

book group vr sessions for seniors
Explore VR in a semi-open concept space, where up to 4 players can engage while the others watch and learn. Ideal for retirement homes and elder care facilities.
private vr session for seniors
Book a private room, or use any of our semi-private VR stations for solo-play or to team with family and friends. A rewarding family activity with aging loved ones.