virtualzone pricing

virtualzone pricing

All posted prices are subject to change and to applicable taxes.

Private VR VIP Room

vr private room
Looking for a private VR experience? Ideal for a quiet date night or focused solo-play. Each room includes one VR headset, spectator screen and sofa.

Walk-in VR Booths

Our large, public VR booths are available for walk-in or reserved VR sessions in any 15 minute interval! Ideal for solo-play and first-timers wanting to test the waters.

Virtual Reality Arcade Machines

Full motion, full immersion! Coming in Summer 2023 pay-per-experience, virtual reality arcade machines.
Check back soon for library updates and release dates!

VR Parties & Events Pricing

Parties & Events Pricing

Birthday Parties
6 & 12 player options
$180.00 - $280 + tax
corporate events
12 players max recommended
$255 + tax
Schools & Non-profits
12 players max recommended
$175 + tax
Private groups
12 players max recommended
$200 + tax